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All About Tagless Printing Ink

Getting a good tagless print relies heavily on the type of ink used in the process. Believe it or not, there are a lot of components in the ink selection and mixing process. It is imperative to get the ink process right to get the best-looking print.

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Looking to Buy Garment Tags? Print Them Yourself!

There are lots of solutions out there to find garment tags. Companies offer a multitude of options for personalization. Customize graphics, size, color, garment label material, and shape. The only downside is there are order minimums, you must wait for samples, and you can’t change everything on the fly. Essentially there is no control over the tag-making process.

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What is a neck Label?

Neck labels are a commonly printed item in the garment industry because, by law, certain information is required. What are the requirements? Why must it be labeled on every garment? Depending upon the country you live in and/or where you plan to sell the garment, certain regulations require each garment sold have such information. Here’s what you need to know.

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What are Tagless Printing Plates?

Tagless printing plates, also known as a cliche, are a critical component in the pad printing process. The plate holds the image to be printed. The etch quality and depth will ultimately determine how the final tagless print will look. Careful consideration in choosing the right plate material and etching method will make all the difference.

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What are Laser Plate-makers

A Laser plate-maker etches a pad printing plate with an image to be printed on a garment. Laser plate-makers are essential in the tagless printing process for achieving high-quality prints. Etched ever so slightly, precision is key to achieving a detailed etch at the correct depth.

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Heat Transfers for Tagless Labels

Heat transfers for tagless labels are an alternative option for those look to print tagless labels. While this method has been the go-to choice for tagless labels, it is not necessary the best for everyone. Learn more about heat transfers for tagless labels and the alternatives.


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