Heat Transfers for Tagless Labels

Heat transfers for tagless labels are an easy way to apply care labels that are customized to your liking to garments. Other methods, however, could be more cost-effective and efficient.

What is a Heat Transfer Label?

Also known as thermal transfers, heat transfers are a method in which a logo or design is printed on transfer paper by a special inkjet printer. The graphic is cut out of the paper and laid on the garment. A heat press is warmed up and is pressed onto the label and garment for 25-45 seconds. Open the press and remove the film.

Tagless labels for heat transfer can be printed in-house or outsourced. Printing heat transfer labels in-house is certainly time-consuming which is why a lot of small to medium companies outsource the labels.

What do I need to create tagless heat transfer labels in-house?

The process of labeling is more complex than one might think. The following is the equipment necessary for creating and applying heat transfer tagless labels in-house:

Outsourcing Heat Transfer Tagless Labels

Finding the right supplier makes all the difference in heat transfer tagless labels. Most suppliers require a minimum order quantity. If your job requires a specific amount of labels and it falls under the minimum order quantity, you’re stuck with extra labels (you can hopefully use again).

The lead time for getting your order varies greatly. A lot of heat transfer labels come from over-seas and can take weeks to arrive. A typical new order requires a lot of communication and proof approval. Any delays in communication result in delays in receiving your order.

Sustainable Tagless Labels

Unfortunately, in addition to the ever-changing lead times and inventory, heat transfers also pose a potential threat to the environment. Tagless heat transfer labels produce a great amount of paper, plastic, water and oil waste each time one is used. This additional waste contributes to the overall environmental issues we face in the world today.

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What Is An Alternative to Heat Transfer Tagless Labels?

Heat Transfer labels are an easy solution for someone getting started in the tagless label business. However, they are not sustainable in terms of supply chain management nor the environment. Pad printing is great alternative to this method.

Pad Printing Tagless Labels

Pad printing tagless labels are an excellent alternative to heat transfer labels. Pad printing is more cost-effective, faster,  sustainable, and requires less equipment and consumables. Not only does pad printing remove the need for excess steps and consumables, it also proves to have better adhesion resistance and is more flexible. As an added bonus to tagless labels, pad printing is the recommended solution for printing on promotional products, drinkware and more.

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