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Pad PrintersSeptember 28, 2010

New Tagless Printing Video: Pad Printing Machines in a Factory

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Here is a great new tagless printing video from Inkcups! This video showcases the ICN-B100 pad printing machines. Often, people have seen pictures or diagrams of pad printers in production.  Yet, they are not effective in showing their true production capabilities. Therefore, while pictures and diagrams are somewhat informative it is more effective to show how these machines are used to make apparel labels in an actual factory setting.

In this manufacturing facility, these employees are printing tagless t-shirt labels. As you can see, the speed at which the worker places and removes the t-shirt is remarkable. Thus, showing off the capability of the ICN-B100. The speed of the machine can be adjusted to suit the worker’s needs. The shirts are not fully sewn together for easier access to the neck labels.

A tagless t-shirt label dries instantaneously to the touch. As a result, apparel can be stacked without the worry of the ink smudging.  Notice the worker simply removing the printed t-shirt and stacking it on top of the other printed shirts. At this rate, the employee can print about 20 shirts per minute!

This particular company just removed all of their heat transfer machines to make way for the ICN-B100 pad printer. Please note that there was nothing wrong with their heat transfer machines, this company just did the math and realized that tagless labels are the more cost effective method.

What do you think? Have you tried both pad printing and heat transfer? Which one do you prefer?

Printer used in this project:

Type: One Color Pad Printer
Brand: ICN-B100
More info: ICN-B100 Pad Printer page

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