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Pad PrintersMay 17, 2010

Printing Tagless T-Shirts with the ICN-B100

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Tagless T-shirt grey

Here is a great new video of printing tagless t-shirts from the Inkcups team!

This video showcases our ICN-B100 1-color pad printer. In the video, you can see exactly how tagless t-shirts are made in a real production situation. Apparel production can be time-consuming, especially when manufacturers have to sew the tags onto shirts. The ICN-B100 can print over 1000 impressions per hour. Thus, tagless printing is much faster and cheaper than sewn-tags. Not to mention they look better and feel more comfortable!

Printer used in this project:
Type: Semi-Automatic Pad Printer
Brand: ICN-B100
Model: Single Color
Standard applications: neck tagless labels, pens, stress balls, other metal, and plastic parts…
Unconventional applications: cookies, contact lenses
More info: ICN-B100 Tagless Pad Printer page

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