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Major Updates to SiteMarch 12, 2018

Top 5 Features of the Inkcups Tagless Website

Major Updates to Site
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If you are looking to learn more about tagless pad printing, including tips, products, and a myriad of other information, check out our new website! Below are our top 5 features that the website offers, and we feel, provide the best information for your needs.

  1. Everything You Need To Go Tagless
    Inkcups has provided all of the tools to go tagless in one convenient location. Inkcups has production layouts, training guidelines, application processes, how-to guides, and much more. Whether you are looking to learn more about how the tagless process works, observing our state of the art pad printing machines, laser engravers, inks, supplies or have any inquiries, our new site will provide you with all of the resources needed to understand this process.
  2. Build Your Tagless Package
    If you click on the products tab in the upper right-hand corner of the website, you will see all of our pad printers, laser engravers, inks and supplies. The image below displays options to customize and build a complete tagless package. Choose from the number of colors the pad printer manufactures, image diameter, plate making and max production per week which is displayed on the left-hand side. You can even email the results to yourself if you would like to!
  3. The Learning Center
    From tips to certifications, brochures, videos, demos, and much more, the Learning Center on our tagless site offers advantageous and insightful information for any tagless printing needs. Just click on the Learning Center tab on the top right of the website and you are on your way to educating yourself more on tagless printing! Through our Learning Center, we also, offer our customers exclusive access where they can view specific machine documentation, videos, and software. This feature is only for customers and we are proud to display certain features just for them.
  4.  Featured Applications
    Our featured applications allow you to visualize and examine apparel products after they have been printed by our pad printing machines. Our machines print on a wide array of garments such as t-shirts, underwear, sportswear, lingerie, baby wear, uniforms, and footwear. Here can you see all of these apparel products with Inkcups imprints in various colors.
  5. Going Tagless Process 
    This section offers the typical steps involved in switching to tagless t-shirts for manufacturers of different sizes. You can select the option that best describes your manufacturing scale to see what you can expect from this process!
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