Commitment to a Sustainable Print

Inkcups offers practical solutions for eliminating waste such as increasing the product longevity of our consumables and providing all the supplies you need for a sustainable print to switch from labeling methods like heat transfer to the more eco-friendly label printing method of tagless pad printing.

Our Commitment

Now, more than ever before, the responsibility to save our planet and our people faces major industries. We are committed to being part of the solution, not the problem. Inkcups strives to be the industry standard for sustainable practices and products. Our tagless website is dedicated to the eco-friendly label and achieving a sustainable print as part of our business. We have made it our goal to offer products that are safe for both our consumers and our earth. Our in-house compliance team ensures we are meeting and exceeding the strictest environmental and safety regulations.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have developed our “consumables” to last longer in order to reduce waste. Our Everflex® pads last longer than any other pad on the market due to the chemical composition of the material. By creating thick-steel plates that can withstand up to 1,000,000 impressions, we are able to reduce product turn-over of plates (cliches). Unlike most ink cup manufacturers, our patented VersaCup® does not use disposable plastic inserts. This reduces waste every time an ink cup is used. All of our ink cups are strategically developed with a proprietary ink resistant coating to quickly and easily remove dried ink, eliminating the need for excess cleaning solvents.



Avoiding using 22,168 gallons* of oil (in the process of making paper)


Saving 86,600 gallons* of water (in the process of making paper)


Saving 1,732 trees* (in the process of making paper) by avoiding 9,375,000 sq. foot* of paper waste

*Based on production volume of 20 million garments per year

**Compared to the process of applying heat transfer labels 

Inkcups’ Tagless Eco-Friendly Label Printing Solution

Tagless printing means no paper tags, and no paper waste, making it a great eco-friendly label printing solution. In addition, our pad printing machines are designed to save energy and cut down on utility costs. Utility consumption is only 0.0096 KW per printing machine and 40% fewer printing machines and operators are needed compared to older technology. Our tagless eco-friendly label printing can withstand over 50 industrial washes and last longer than ever before, extending the wearability of clothing items and encouraging reusing rather than replacing.

We provide our customers with the complete turn-key solution to print everything you need in house. Not only does this improve production flexibility, simplify logistical responsibilities, and reduce lead times, but it reduces CO2 emissions by cutting down on transportation requirements. As our business continues to grow, our commitment to sustainable products and practices will continue to grow with it.

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