Patents & Innovations

Breakthrough Technology & Products

Over the last twenty years, Inkcups has developed and patented innovations in the pad printing and specialty printing marketplaces. We are on a constant quest for innovative solutions to help our customers obtain the best labeling machine for clothes. Here are some of our achievements:

The Brite Tagless System

The Brite Tagless System (patent pending) solves the challenges of pad printing onto dark fabrics, by offering extraordinary opacity. The light-on-dark prints look just as opaque as heat transfer labels while having all the advantages of pad printing tags: softness, decreased costs, durability, and sustainability.

This labeling machine for clothes consists of the specially designed Brite pad printer and the patented Brite print pad – engineered by and available exclusively from Inkcups. The available Brite colors include white, yellow and pink.

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The Cobalt Laser Plate-Makers

Laser Plate Making is a relatively new technique for the pad printing industry. Inkcups Now engineers were the first to recognize the benefits of Laser Plate Making, such as enhanced plate quality and speedy production with repeatable results. Inkcups is proud to have pioneered this technology in the pad printing market and to maintain a leading position in it.

Inkcups’ Cobalt lasers create high resolution plates in less than 2 minutes directly from your computer, without positives or chemicals – providing incredible time and cost savings!

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VersaCup® - Universal Ink Cup

The VersaCup® is a magnetic ink cup that can be utilized on nearly any sealed cup pad printing machine. It fits all popular machine models: Inkcups, Trans Tech, Tampoprint, Autoroll, Comec, Imtran, Kent, Pad Print Machinery, Morelock, Teca, Markem, Tosh. The VersaCup® is a practical alternative to expensive dedicated ink cup systems. Since its invention by Ben Adner (Inkcups President) in 2001, the VersaCup® remains an unmatched product that helps our customers reduce inventory costs, simplify changeovers and increase productivity.

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