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July 10, 2017

Inkcups Unveils its Newest BRITE Pad Printing Technology

Pad printing bright inks (white, pink and yellow) on dark fabrics has always been a hardship in the tagless printing world — until now. Introducing BRITE Tagless Printing by Inkcups!

Light-on-dark Problem
The Brite Tagless machine was manufactured for the most difficult neck label printing task at hand – pad printing light inks on dark fabrics. Due to the difficulty of this task, previously, many have switched to printing heat transfer labels and have suffered from peeling labels and few wash cycles.

Overall, pad printing is the best method for neck label printing as the ink is absorbed into the fabric, allowing tags to last longer and flex and stretch with the garment. For light-color shirts, this works great because darker colors absorbed into it will only make the color stand out more. But for dark-colored shirts, this results in a “faded” color because too much of the ink is absorbed.

Brite Tagless System Solution
Current processes focus on the ink as the main culprit for inaccurately printing a bright color on dark fabrics but at Inkcups, we have looked at every aspect. “We are constantly trying to deliver the best possible products to our customers so when we hit an issue that affects them, we get right on it and fix it,” says Inkcups’ CEO Ben Adner. Inkcups’ patented Brite Tagless technology overcomes these obstacles and delivers the best BRITE pad print out there. Although our technique is a secret, the results are far from it.

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